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Acupuncture for fertility

The desire to start a family for some is an easy and fun process, for others it can be a trying and painful experience with monthly ups and downs.  If you are in the latter situation acupuncture and CM can help.  It takes two to make a beautiful little human so we prefer to see both partners, but it is often a more complex situation for the women.


The two key elements of this process is ovulation and menstruation we aim to get the balance of the menstrual cycle just right.  From the folicular stage, the time you build follicles to ovulate and a strong plump endometrial lining to receive the embryo; to the ovulation and then raised temperature of the luteal phase. 


We also look at expelling any pathological signs and symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle such as irregular cycles, pain, reduced or prolonged flow or anovulation.

All women are different, behind the label of infertility and any of the pathologies associated with it there can be different patterns causing this.  It is our job to discover what these are and help bring it into homeostasis.

We will do an extensive interview process to gain as much information about your cycle as possible and will ask you to start tracking your Basal Body Temperature (BBT).  This gives us a lot of information into your cycle.  As well as offer lifestyle advice.

Assisted reproductive therapy (ART)

The technological advances in IVF and other ART treatments is amazing.  Should this be the path your infertiliy or situation leads you down acupuncture can help.  We generally recommend that you start treatment and herbs 3 months before your scheduled treatment.  The embryo’s you are making are 90 days old by the time you are using them for IVF.

Our treatment goals;

  • Improve the function of the ovaries to produce better quality eggs

  • Regulate the hormones

  • Increase blood flow to the uterus and increase the thickening of the uterine lining

  • Relax the patient and decrease their stress

  • Settle the uterus after egg collection and reduce uterine contractions

  • Lessen the side effect of the IVF drugs

  • Stregthen the immune system

  • Improve semen to create better quality and quantitiy of embryos

  • Decrease chances of miscarriage

Timing of IVF treatment?

Embryo to transfer

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During an IVF cycle we generally like to treat once in the beginning days of your menstrual cycle.  This helps have a healthy shed of the endometrial lining to give the new endometrial lining a good smooth bed to build on.


During your follicular stage when you are doing your FSH drugs we like to treat twice a week to increase blood flow to your ovaries to increase follicle number and quality, as well as help the body build more blood to establish a thick healthy endometrial lining.  Also support you with the fatigue associated with this time.  It is hard work on your body to produce an increase of eggs.

After egg collection a treatment to move any of the stagnation and pain around the uterus and abdomen.


During embryo transfer (ET) acupuncture is often used in the clinic for a before and after treatment.  Before the embryo transfer we decrease stress and anxiety, help relax the cervix to recieve the blastocycst.  After the blastocycst has been put home we do another treatment to relax the body and build Qi and Blood and relax the body.  Studies have shown this increased the live birth rate in IVF treatments, but then on subsequent studies it was inconclusive.   These results are due to it being tested against a placebo or sham needle which is not inert.  Best practice randomised control trials (RCT’s) is acupuncture and and normal care versus normal care alone.


After your ET we stay away from the process and just support mama with stress relief and anxiety as well as energy. 


After the pregnancy test there is lots of waiting and anticipation still.  Waiting for each bllod test to see if your HCG is increasing, waiting for the first scan.  During this time we support mama and encourage the body to hold the embryo.


If you have any questions on whether we can help do conact us for a chat.