Middle aged woman

This can be an easy process or an incredibly difficult time for women.  The signs and symptoms of the waning of hormones can be debilitating.

From symptoms of hot flushes, disturbed sleep and night sweating, feeling anxious and emotional, migraines and headaches, and outbursts of anger and just generally not feeling yourself. 

Most doctors will just prescribe hormone replacement therapy HRT which has it's own side effects and issues.  Acupuncture is a gentle, non invasive, effective and shown to help bring everything back into balance and help transition smoothly through this change.

How does acupuncture help relieve menopausal symptoms?

Throughout our life we use up the prenatal energy we are born with, slowly we age.  During that life we as women often put others first, we bear children, give support, work, have stress, and often keep the family ticking over and functioning.  This takes energy.

As your hormones wane your bodies equilibrium between hot and cold gets narrower.  In CM we call this your  Yin diminishing, your coolant.  Your body is not as efficient at balancing the natural rhythms of the day cooling, calming, nourishing and moistening leaving symptoms such as irritation, hot flushes, anxiety, sleep disturbances, night sweating and sometimes headaches.

Although the treatment principle behind the symptoms is mostly similar each person is different and the pre-existing landscape before menopause is often different so balance is established in everyone slightly differently.