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acupunture for sports injury

Treatment of sports injuries is critical for professional athletes, as well as for people who train for a healthy life style. Sporting activity is known to be vital to maintain healthy body and mind, but intensive sports activities are likely to cause repeated injuries that may disable the athlete from exercising for long periods of time.

Acupuncture treatment is an excellent reprieve for sports injuries. Treatment may provide reduction in the intensity of the pain, and accelerate the healing processes. 

Athletes who practice all kinds of sports, often overload their bodies, or  suffer from traumas and may find themselves spending a lot of time in rehabilitation. Additionally, in many cases, the athlete continues to exercise despite the injury, which may worsen and perpetuate the injury.

Stages of treatment:

The acute stage

In most cases, as a result of trauma- bringing on inflammation, swelling and edema. At this stage, the treatment will focus on decreasing the pain, the inflammation and the reduction of edema and bruising. Treatment will include acupuncture, natural ointments and medicinal herbs if necessary.

The sub-acute stage

In which the inflammation decreases, but there is still a sharp pain that limits the movement. Here too the treatment will include acupuncture and medicinal liniments. We may also consider the use of traditional Chinese massage, tuina and cupping.  The treatment will also focus on reducing pain and inflammation, as well as gradually increasing range of movement.

The post-traumatic stage and rehabilitation

The body begins to rebuild the damaged tissues (tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones). Treatment supports the healing processes, reduces pain and inflammation. At this stage we want to restore normal function, strengthen and support the healthy healing process, breaking down adhesions and scar tissues.

Chronic stage

At this stage the injury has already healed or almost completely healed. The treatment would be directed to the continued therapy of the damaged tissues, and also an emphasis on preventing re- injury by strengthening the weak areas.

Athletes from all competitive branches may experience injury: dancers, rugby players, swimmers, joggers, long distance runners, volleyball players, wrestlers, martial arts, weight lifters and more... The repeated strain on the body is often the cause of repeated injuries.  

Treatment of sports injuries - the advantage of Chinese medicine

The main benefit of acupuncture treatment is the reduction in healing time. This is probably the most critical thing for any injured athlete, asking himself "When can I get back to training?" Acupuncture treatment may provide a natural, effective recovery option. A series of high-frequency treatments (two or three times a week) will help you get back to your sports activity.

Moreover, the treatment of Chinese medicine is simple and has no side effects.

To address the problem, we don't need to know exactly what the problem is in western medical terms (inflammation, strain, or rupture). What matters to us is knowing where the problem is and  the nature of the pain. That is, if an athlete made a wrong movement and is suffering from pain in the outer thigh - he may have a problem in the ITB ligament, or a stretch of the quadriceps muscle, or a hip joint or knee problem ... there are many possible medical causes.

In terms of the treatment of Chinese medicine – it is enough to know where it hurts, where the movement is limited and how it feels – is the pain dull, aching, stabbing, burning, pinching, is there numbness? These are the things that direct the treatment focus, which is derived from the location of the problem.

The simplicity of it is - that the needles actually affect the target area - not the knowledge of what tissue is damaged. The body – has the innate knowledge to heal itself, and it will already know how to repair the damaged tissue - if we know how to direct it.

Treatment of sports injuries must begin as soon as possible after the injury occurred. It is not advisable to wait and see if the body will heal by itself. If you get injured - take care of yourself as soon as possible so you don't make things worse, even if it's a minor injury, like an ankle sprain.

Partial list of common sports injuries addressed in the clinic:

Tendonitis – tennis/golf elbow, Achilles tendonitis, shoulder tendonitis (Superspintus, Infraspintus), De Quervain's tenosynovitis (Thumb Tendonitis), trigger finger and the like.


Muscle strains, ligaments, tendons.


Traumas - bruises, blows, damage to all tissues - skin, muscle, tendons, and bones.


Knee problems - rupture of the meniscus, cartilage erosion, inflammation of the MCL ligament, inflammation of the ITB ligament


Shoulders - Stretching, dislocation, inflammation, tears in rotator cuff.


Tight muscles - chronic and acute


Back Pain – disc bulges, tight muscles


Sprains, soft tissue injury

The treatment with Chinese medicine has added value

Beyond the treatment of the affected area, Chinese medicine refers to a person as a whole - addressing both the physical and mental aspects. In many cases, the injury puts the athlete under stress, which can manifest with nervousness, depression, sleep problems and other symptoms that will interfere with daily functioning and extend the duration of recovery. The treatment of Chinese medicine also addresses the mental-emotional aspect, and not only the physical aspect, thus further accelerating the healing process. After all, it is well known that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and vice versa.