back pain

Much has been said and written about low back pain. 80% (if not more) of the population had suffered from low back pain at some stage in their lives, this can be chronic pain or acute back pain. Acupuncture is a natural, fast, and effective way to release acute or chronic back pain.

Common pathologies causing back pain are:

  • Tight or weak muscles.

  • Inflammation of the back muscles.

  • Spinal problems - disc degenerative disease, herniation, compression fractures, scoliosis etc.

  • Inflammation of the lower back nerves - especially the sciatic nerve (a phenomenon called sciatica - a projection to the leg from the back).

The reason for these pains vary and can include:
  • Long periods of sitting or standing

  • Incorrect posture

  • Lack of movement or exercise / excessive exercise

  • Lifting heavy loads

  • Inadequate exercise (overload) or lack of proper warm up and stretching

  • Incorrect sudden movement

  • Back pain during pregnancy and post giving birth

How does acupuncture help relieve back pain?

Acupuncture affects the energy channels in the body - the meridians. When there is pain or a problem in a particular place in the body, from a Chinese medicine point of view, there is an issue with the flow of Blood and Qi (vital energy) in the meridians passing through this area. When there is low back pain – whether arising from tight muscles or nerve pain due to a bulging disc - there is a disturbance to the flow of Qi in meridians passing through the painful areas of the back / leg.

Chinese acupuncture, as mentioned, affects the flow of Qi. Accurate diagnosis and treatment will assist in re-balancing the Qi movement in the affected area. This is aimed at reducing pain levels and restoring range of movement. Treatment will assist recovery and strengthen the body to prevent re-injury.

When will I feel the effect of the treatment?

We do our best for you to gain relief during the treatment. Much depends on the extent of the injury, how long you had the pain for, your physical wellbeing and what you do in life (will you be going back to a physically demanding work/exercise, carrying heavy loads, etc). We tailor the treatment to suit your needs and ensure you achieve the best results for your health.

Where will the needles be placed?
Child's Pose

There are different therapeutic approaches in CM. The needles are placed in accordance to the diagnosis and your needs. We might place some needles in the area of pain as well as other locations to improve the flow of Qi and Blood and address the injured meridians.

Are there any other treatments that can help relieve back pain?

Definitely, there are other techniques in CM for relieving back pain, such as local massage, cupping, and use of Chinese herbal liniments or supplements to relax the muscles and alleviate pain.

What else can be done to relieve back pain?

If you suffer from back pain, you can perform gentle stretches and releasing exercises. Please listen to your body and do not perform exercises that cause you pain. This can bring on muscle spasm and make your condition worse. 

If you suffer from chronic back pain (prolonged, can go on for months and even years), it is recommended you choose exercises not only to release tight muscles but also strengthen your core (abdominal and pelvic floor) and your back muscles. Strengthening your back and abdomen will improve your posture and prevent re-injury in the long run.

Lastly, we often find that applying gentle heat to the area of pain can be beneficial. The heat brings more blood flow to the area, helps relax the muscles and relive the pain. Applying some natural anti-inflammation cream can also help. Always, be attentive to your body’s needs, if it doesn’t feel good or makes things worse just stop.