Pain and injuries

Pain is something that is familiar to most of us and accompanies us in everyday life. Sometimes it is a mild pain that you can live with or at worse take some pain medication to relieve it. Sometimes it is a pain that greatly limits us, interferes with our daily function and can confine us to stay at home. The treatment of pain in Chinese medicine in general and with acupuncture in particular, shows very promising results - whether it is mild, complex and restrictive, acute or chronic.


Whether it is a headache, sinus congestion, migraine, muscle pain, spinal cord problems, joint pain, abdominal pain - Acupuncture treatment for pain may provide a quick and effective solution.

In fact, about 80% of referrals to complementary medicine (not just to Chinese medicine) are due to some kind of pain.

Beyond the clinical successes we see in practice, research indicates that acupuncture for pain is at least as effective as medication, furthermore, acupuncture is free of side effects medication often causes.