• Rachel Gotlieb

Spring check list

Eat more greens – Green is the colour of the Liver it is a vital time to eat foods that are sprouting and in harmony with the growth of this season. Eat more raw foods or lightly blanched. Reduce heavy fatty foods.

Start the day well - try a glass of warm water with half a lemon in it. The sour flavour soothes the liver and helps rid toxins. If you have any digestive issues as well add some fresh ginger to warm your digestion before your first meal.

Let go of any old grudges – holding on to anger constrains the Liver and stops it natural expansive flow.

Move your qi put some spring in your step – Go for a walk in the fresh air, breathing well. The Lung qi impacts your Liver qi. Good breathing of fresh air, good Lung qi, balanced Liver!

Do Tai chi, join a gym, do some yoga, emerge from a winter hibernation.

Get some acupuncture – Nothing supports your efforts to cleanse and detox the Liver in spring than an acupuncture treatment. Those little needles conduit flow in your body while you relax on the table. Come see us this spring!!

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