• Roni Neeley

🤩Start the year in the right mindset🤩

We often find ourselves struggling to find motivation. Particularly during this time of year, exhausted from achieving all the deadlines, overcoming hardship and hurdles to reach the luring summer holidays.

Now, we need to reignite the passion, fire up our engines and start the year with joy, optimism, recharged and rejuvenated looking forward to days to come 🎊.

Where do you start?😕 How to decide what to do today that will help you achieve all you want? How do you take control of your actions every day so you define what comes next, you make it happen, it doesn’t just happen to you?

✔️A good place to start is

to take stock of where

you are right now.

Your success and lessons

from the year that passed.

Be grateful for what you have; your health, energy, work, family and friends.

Take time to reflect on

what you want to do differently, dedicate more time and attention to.

Things that were important to you several years ago may no longer be relevant to you. Truths and values you held with high regards may have been forgotten or neglected. It is much easier to get motivated and start doing something if you have a clear idea in your head of what it is that you want to achieve and why.

👉Once you know what you want, break it into small, bite size, measurable steps. Set realistic timelines in which you can reach each one of these steps. Be accountable to yourself or someone close to you and reward yourself when you complete the tasks you set out to do. Do not let fear or procrastination stop you. You cannot achieve anything if you don’t even start. It might not be perfect and it may be hard but the rewards will be worth it.

Figure out who you want to become, what it is that you need to do to achieve that and get excited about it. Once your goals have meaning and purpose behind them, they are charged with a whole new and exciting energy❤️‍🔥. Remember and appreciate what you have gained so far and let that be the fire that feeds your actions when things get tough or do not go as you’ve planned.

💪You’ve got this!

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