As with many of us there has been a lot of changes in 2020.  Riki and I brought the Waitakere Osteopathic centre where I had been working for a few years, just before the first lock down.  After the initial shock of our new normal everything is going well for my whānau.

I am currently spreading my time between everywhere and my māmā commitments.  Working in Mt Eden now on Thursdays, I am in Piha two half days and the rest of the time I am at Waitakere Osteopathic centre.

I have enjoyed watching Tuhipō grow into such an independent young lady, and with that the ability to sneak away on wonderful courses again which has been seriously filling my cup up.

I look forward to seeing you and aiding in your healing process.

Kia kaha, Kia ora

ps. I couldn't help but do the proud parent and a picture of our beautiful daughter             Tuhipō o Whetūrangi