Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Women are beautiful complex beings.  When everything is working optimally life is wonderful, everything is easy, everything flows well, and we move through all the stages of womanhood with style and grace.  


Unfortunately the intricate equilibrium of physiology for women can easily loose homeostasis.  This can present menstrual issues such as painful periods, anovulation issues such as poly cystic ovaries, irregular or heavy periods, pre menstrual syndrome symptoms.  This can lead to a difficult time of the month for some women.  Doctors will often prescribe the pill or other methods to stop menstruation and therefore stop the problem.  But this brings other issues and still needs to be addressed before wanting to start a family.

Acupuncture helps balance the menstrual system and hormones.  It assists the body back to homeostasis.  In doing this it is helpful for preparation for pregnancy and fertility issues.  It has shown to work well as an adjunct therapy to assisted reproductive therapy (ART), it also assists pregnancy, post pregnancy and helps with the balancing of the waning hormones of menopause.

Acupuncture and CM helps assist the body to heal and find the homeostasis it is looking for.